all about PULP

pulp..that’s a visit in the Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago. we were welcomed by: “always wear your rubber boots while papermaking” :) so sweet.

it’s a wonderful place for every paper geek. more than a school – it’s a huge creative space equipped with everything that one could possibly use for making and processing paper (or in general: cellulose fibers in many different forms).

a great place – the whole space is waterproof, there are showers on the ceiling very handy indeed  (this is something I really wish I had at Rajtarska) and a huge drain in the middle of the floor. hence the rubber boots and aprons for everyone. an a PULP is a fibrous solution from which a sheet – or anything else – is formed. in that workshop pulp had its own privacy policy and a separate fridge … you could easily feel its undoubted importance. since in the paper art everything stars with good pulp, obviously :)

for some bedside reading quarterly journal PULP news [photomosaic link=”none” ids=”200,201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209,210″]

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