get involved

get involved, parents and all kinds of enthusiasts who relentlessly strive to be Creative – with their heads, hands, the whole body weee! (yet without a head :) – so everyone interested in co-creating and collective fun are invited to contact us.


we’re a travelling workshop (more about it HERE) open for inspiring encounters, linked with exchanging nice ideas & hand-made treasures. we can also help you design and build (wherever you want) a fully equipped studio for papermaking | arts & crafts | recycling. we can tell you how to arrange the space and what tools you will need + train everyone so that your studio could work independently in the future. 


that’s the proposition aimed mainly – but not exclusively – at diverse Art Centers, schools and pre-schools. but we gladly welcome any other ideas and projects.


we also like alternative festivals, craftsmanship meetings and DIY initiatives. and surprises :) we like them too …aaand long letters of course, ahoo!

Alicja Ciach » mostly daydreamer :) Alik and Fifiolek’s mum, graduated Madam philosopher :)) photographer, backpacker, IT headhunter or a house hen yo. fan of autonomy and good rebellious DIY, a friend of small and those all grown up ~ but still children, their creative open-mindedness, mess and a surplus of questions. at one time. on daily basis (paper) experimenter, headless horseman, natural builder, publisher and a bookworm. slow-living-fast madMax-vege-mum.

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